Company Profile

Chaoyang Runxing Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is located in Sanjia Industrial Park, Longquan Street East, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. The company is 1500 meters away from high-speed railway Chaoyang Station. 1000 meters away from the expressway Longcheng exit. The company is in front of the Chaoyang outer ring road. It is very convenient for people and goods to enter and exit. The company covers an area of 8000 square meters. The building is 4000 square meters. The registered capital of the company is thirty million yuan.
Founded in 2003, the company has 49 employees and 39 front-line operation employees. Since its inception, the company has attached great importance to talents and continuously absorbed talents with professional skills from all sides. At present, the company has 3 senior mechanical engineers, English translation 1. There are 6 technicians with technical expertise, which are engaged in fitter assembly, boring and milling machine processing, gear hobbing, large vertical lathe processing.
The company has passed the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. Customer first, is the consistent policy pursued by the enterprise. It has been well received by users over the years.
The company has 19 large and small production equipment. One of the large equipment is an 8-meter vertical car produced by Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool, with a processing diameter of 8 meters, a processing height of 2.9 meters, and a maximum load capacity of 80 tons.
Two 8-meter hobbing machines produced by Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool have a maximum diameter of 8 meters, a maximum height of 1.2 meters, a maximum modulus of 40, and a maximum load capacity of 80 tons. Machining accuracy 8 level.
Wuhu produced two 4-meter CNC vertical lathe, machining diameter of 4 meters, processing height of 2.5 meters, the maximum load of 15 tons.
2.5m CNC vertical car 2 sets. The processing diameter is 2.5 meters, the processing height is 1.6 meters, and the maximum load capacity is 10 tons.
160 floor digital display boring machine 1 set. X travel 10 meters, Y travel 2 meters, Z travel 1.2 meters. With rotary table, spindle with a flat spinning disc.
One boring machine with X stroke of 1.3m, Y stroke of 1m and Z stroke of 0.8m. With rotary table.
80 rocker arm drill 2 sets.
Lifting equipment: 70\20 tons span 24 meters crane 1;
20\5 tons span 24m crane 1;
16t span crane 16m 1 set;
30 ton span crane 16m 1.
Our local 58-ton electric arc furnace can cast 50 tons of large steel castings, 8 meters by 5 meters by 3.2 meters and 6 meters by 4 meters by 2.4 meters of natural gas tempering kilns. Can be positive and tempering treatment for large castings.
The company's main products are large gear, wheel belt, wheel support, feed in and feed out end cover. Crushing frame body, large bearing, etc. Mainly for cement, mining, metallurgy, power equipment with ball mill; Dryer; Mixer; Crusher; Rotary kiln supporting.
The company is currently serving domestic customers are: Jidong equipment; North Heavy Industry; China Nonferrous Shenyang Metallurgical Machinery Co., LTD.; Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. Citic Heavy Industries. China First Heavy Industry Group Co. LTD. China Minmetals Corporation Limited. Anshan Steel Group Co., LTD.
Foreign customers are: Russia; Kazakhstan; Vietnam; Malaysia, Chile; Brazil; South Africa; The DRC.