What is the slewing support used for disassembly inspection?

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Although slewing supports can be used in different industries, they can cause damage to slewing supports in any case. When the slewing support is found to be damaged, it is not known where the damage is. Only a complete autopsy will reveal the damage. The following Xiaobian will introduce the method of slewing bearing disassembly inspection.
When removing the slewing support, the outer ring of the slewing support should be connected to the upper car, the inner ring should be connected to the lower car, and the sealing ring on the slewing support should be cleaned and put away. A crane should be used to separate the equipment. Remove the screws and bolts from the bracket. Remove all steel balls and isolation sleeves and inspect the balls and isolation sleeves. If the isolation casing is cracked or damaged, replace it in time. To inspect the ball, clean the ball and place it in the sun. Look, you can see clearly if there are pits in the ball.