What is the antirust material of the bearing

The common antirust materials for bearings include oil (fat) film antirust oil, emulsified antirust oil and other antirust water agents, gas phase antirust agents and gas phase antirust oil.
Oil film rust - proof oil is also known as rust - proof smooth two oils. After the bearing packaging is removed, the user can install the machine without removing the anti-rust oil. Grease film rust-proof oil includes liquid rust-proof oil, solvent dilution rust-proof oil, hot coated oil and so on. During this period, you can spray solvent dilution antirust solution, easy to use. Gas phase corrosion inhibitor is the addition of gas phase corrosion inhibitor to smooth oil, which has two functions of rust prevention and smooth, because gas phase corrosion inhibitor is the slow evaporation of gas, preventing the atmosphere from contacting the metal. Do not touch metal directly, it is especially suitable for bearings with more open space and more grooves.