The reason and solution of slewing bearing not flexible

Slewing supports are an essential part for mechanical products, but sometimes we find them inflexible. If it is not flexible, then there will be a lot of trouble in use, and there is no way to do a good job, today I will share with you the reasons and solutions of the rotary bearing stuck or the movement is not flexible.
1. Slewing bearing gear deformation or broken teeth, resulting in movement stagnation or inflexibility. Solution: Repair the gear and reweld the gear.
2. If the slewing bearing sealing system has problems, it will lead to the entry of stones, sand and other sundries, resulting in stagnation or insensitive movement. Solution: Remove all the debris.
3. Overload operation leads to inflexible rotation. Solution: You need to work less.
4. The position of slewing bearing is not smooth. Solution: You need to change the location of the platform and work in a flat position.
5. Lack of lubricating oil on slewing bearing. Grease increases friction and resistance, resulting in insensitive movement. Solution: Add lubricating oil of the same specification or replace lubricating oil completely.